Short Sales Take Time - Start with Enough Time to Succeed

The Fort Lauderdale Short Sale team at Eric Miller and Associates Keller Williams Realty remembers the day well that they called a client who they had done work for years to remind him the time was coming that he would have to consider a short sale only to hear that he had signed documents with another company. The conversation was vague. An envelope had come in the mail, “guaranteeing success”, saying they had completed “many successful short sales in the area”, and before you knew a client who we had served for years had a contractual agreement with another agent. We had completed short sales from Boyton Beach to South Beach and were shocked that a letter was all it took to end a long term realtionship. We went on to represent the buyer and it was sincerely never a comfortable situation. Being the type of agents we are we watched very closely knowing that the process was not proceeding the way it should, and not to blame the processor or the bank you could just see it was not going as planned.

Condominiums and HOA’s can Foreclosure Faster Then Your Lender

The short sale did not happen and the condominium took ownership of the property in foreclosure. Take this as a reminder if you are thinking of doing a short sale at anytime in the future it is important to stay current with your association.  Eric Miller and Associates were then hired by the association to proceed with the negotiation of the short sale with the bank.

Short Sale Success and Doing the Right Thing

As we proceeded with the short sale the team at Eric Miller and Associates reached out to the original owner of the property who no longer had any legal interest in it, just a large potential judgment. We stressed to him that if he cooperated with the entire process we may still be able to get a waiver of any deficiency for him. We never discussed what had happened prior and moved forward, and during 2013, six months after we started and with years of litigation behind him, we were able to call our prior client and let him know that we had a full waiver in hand.  If you are considering a short sale, make sure to ask and verify the record of the team you are about to work with. Successful short sales do not come easy but the team at Eric Miller and Associates is always willing to do the right thing on you behalf.

Seeking to purchase a Short Sale in South Florida, working with the team that can get them done can make all the difference in the world. You can search all available South Florida Short Sales at out site but more importantly its time to sit down with our team so you can understand what can be done to increase your odds of being the sucessful buyer of a short sale.