Purchasing a Ft Lauderdale Waterfront Home

When buying Fort Lauderdale Real Estate, your local Ft Lauderdale real estate expert is an important part of the overall process. When purchasing a Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Home, that local expert becomes even more important as they can provide you with insight that only a local expert can. When purchasing a Ft Lauderdale Waterfront of the most important things to address with your Ft Lauderdale Realtor is the goal for use of the waterfront. Is it just about a great water view? Is the goal to keep a cabin cruiser at your dock ?. Properties where view is the most important criteria are usually on bays, or lakes where the neighbors are not in a stones throw across the canal. If it’s more about the boat, canals represent a much more protected place your boat. Conversations about the type of boat will follow and naturally the accessible the waterway is for larger boats the more expensive the property. Prices of Waterfront Homes differ greatly around the country based of the supply, of the type of waterfront; you are looking for in the particular location. In parts of the country lakes, where you can have a boat, are very plentiful and properties are priced accordingly. It is very common for the largest of the local lakes to command the highest prices points because they are the most desirable to boaters. In the Ft Lauderdale Real Estate market, believe it or not, there are less than 50 beachfront homes. No good for storing a boat, but the lack of supply makes these beach front homes very expensive Ft Lauderdale Real Estate. Purchase a catamaran, with a 24 foot beam, and you will find the same lack of supply, and higher prices.Lauderdale Harbor Waterfront

Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Homes come with many things to consider both about the home and the waterway. These characteristic, of both the property and the waterway are key aspect of any investment in Ft Lauderdale Waterfront. Tidal conditions, property elevation, and the type of seawall are all aspects of purchasing a waterfront home that your local expert can help with. Depth of the waterway, height limits of any power lines, bridges, and local setbacks are all items you need to be aware of in selecting the perfect Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Property. Two of the zoning issues that effect the value of any waterfront property are the set backs for a boat from the ends of your dock, and how much of the waterway the beam (width) of your boat can take up. On wide open water both of these become less of any issue, however when making the investment in a waterfront home, working with a realtor who understand the market is the best investment you can make.  Think of Looking at Fort Lauderdale you can start your start by visiting www.FTLRealEstate.com