Fort Lauderdale Short Sale Success

Ft Lauderdale Short Sale Success should be measured by one standard only, how well has the process worked for the seller of the Ft Lauderdale area property?

1) Has the time frame from the decision to conduct a Ft Lauderdale Short until closing day been one that worked well for the seller of the property?
2) How often did the property need to be shown before an offer was received on the property?
3) If the property was a primary residence did Fort Lauderdale Short Sale success include a successful HAFA short sale where the seller received a check at closing?
4) Did the bank and all parties communicate effectively to keep the process moving on the established time frame?
5) Was the seller able to receive a waiver of any deficiency judgment as part of the approval?

These are the measures of a Fort Lauderdale Short Sale Success.

Increasing the Odss of Ft Lauderdale Short Sale Success

In order to make sure that the entire process lives up to your expectations you need to be prepared to ask questions and communicate your goals clearly when you meet with your realtor and possibly your foreclosure defense attorney. Having a team that works well together can mean all the difference in increasing your odds of Ft Lauderdale Short Sale success. It is important that you prepare yourself and your family for the process by having realistic expectations. You and your realtor need to clearly communicate throughout the process. There are no guarantees in the Ft Lauderdale Short Sale process but by working with a team of professionals who have proven Ft Lauderdale Short sale success you can raise the odds of the process working for you.

If you are already in default or have been served with a foreclosure notice the entire process of now getting ready to proceed with a short sale can be stressful at best. Preparing the documentation that your bank requires, facing the sometimes endless and duplicate requests can be frustrating but the job of a professional real estate team is to help you through the process. There is no doubt that once your foreclosure started you received solicitations from every side offering to help. Simply we urge you to be careful look carefully at who has delivered successful short sales for their clients and make the call today.

Certified Distressed Proeprty Experts at Eric Miller and Associates Keller Williams Ft Lauderdale 

At Eric Miller and Associates we cannot promise that the Ft Lauderdale Short Sale process will be easy, we cannot guarantee success, but we can guarantee that we never give up, and usually we win together. If you have any questions about the short sale process reach out to us today and will always attempt to guide you in the right direction.