Fort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale Rental Properties are Starting to Make Sense

The media keeps saying numbers like, "1,000,000 homes will go into foreclosure this year", and no matter how you look at the real estate crisis it has been sad for all parties concerned. Simply,  some look at it differently and if  you’re a landlord, sitting with a vacancy, the same media story reads, Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market to create 1,000,000 new tenants.

For clarification purposes, there are not 1,000,000 foreclosures ,or anywhere near it, in the Fort Lauderdale Real estate market, but the story is the same. There is upward pressure on rents and this speaks well for Ft Lauderdale investment property. For the samller investor the only negative issue is that the largerr investors are all ready lining up putting their money to work buying the market toward lower inventory.

Lower prices, low interest rates and more tenants has brought back the viability of rental property, even in Fort Lauderdale Real Estate, where two years ago you could barely cash flow a property with 50% down. No two properties are the same, but when we start to see 6% percent cash on cash returns, in a market that  is starting to heat up, and when there are few places to earn similar returns, rental property is starting to look attractive again.

It may be the right to time to be looking at property in your market, and that’s just the time to call your local Realtor. If Ft Lauderdale Real Estate is of interest to you htttp:// provides access to all local listings, and the team at Eric Miller and Associates of Keller Williams, Fort Lauderdale are always here to answer questions.

Years ago, when the only thing we saw in Ft Lauderdale Real Estate, was negative cash flow and appreciation, it simply made no sense. Today appreciation will be the bonus and cash flow is the goal if your going to be a landlord.